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Shaver Specialty Services & Sales Inc.

Where it all started... I grew up in Northeast PA and moved out of the area for about 10 years. When we moved back the house we purchased had either baseboard electric heat or a wood stove in the basement. I grew up with a wood stove and I didn’t need a second mortgage with an electric bill. For two years, I averaged six weeks to cut and split my 8 to 10 cords, after normal work hours, in the dark at night under the spot lights. Having five kids and better things to do with my time then cut firewood, I went to the internet and fired up a Google search for something that would help me process my fire wood. I looked at commercial wood splitters with all the hydraulic features for $10k, then I went to trailer mounted processors for $20k, even glanced at the big boys at excess of $50-$100k and then slapped myself and came back to reality. In one of my searches I just kept going to the next search page and then to the next search page and somewhere around page 20 I found this crazy looking skid steer attachment called a Halverson. I called Glen Halverson and probably drove the poor man crazy with all my questions over multiple calls and emails. Finally he said, “AJ, just buy one! Its going to work and you’re going to love it.” I told him I didn’t need a 1,600# paperweight and he needed to bring me one so I could see, touch it and try it. In May of 2015, I talked Glen into stopping on his way back to Minnesota after the Maine Forestry Expo. Needless to say, seeing really was believing, and everything that Glen said it was, was true. Now it takes me six HOURS verses six WEEKS to cut and split my winter wood supply.

Shaver Specialty Services & Sales INC was started 2014 because of the Halverson Wood Processor. My very meager goal of selling one a year, so I could make my bank loan payments, has now turned into over 36 units sold in just under three years. The Halverson Wood Processor is such an incredible attachment, that once you see it, you have to buy it. Every other processor needs something to load it, i.e. a skid steer, or costs so much that you can’t afford it. The Halverson and the skid steer can be moved together on the same trailer, right to the jobsite, and you can process fire wood right on the landing and truck the cut and split firewood home. No more dragging logs, trucking logs, cutting rounds, lifting rounds, splitting and re-splitting rounds, picking up pieces, throwing them into a truck or trailer, and then taking them home or to a customer. I sit in my heated (or air conditioned) cab, out of the weather, listening to the radio while I lift, position, cut & split right into my truck or trailer! My personal best is 3 FULL cords an hour. Quantity in equals quantity out. All 15” diameter in really pushes up the cord count per hour. I typically run 8” to 16” on a mixed pile for my 1.5 cords per hour average. There is no need to cut down 20’ or 24’ logs. All you do is pick it up, cut the long piece in half, process the 10’-12’ your holding and then grab the other piece, and process it. The Halverson Wood Processor allowed us to start selling firewood, because I could process it so fast and with little effort. Selling more and more firewood each year has led to other forestry related asset purchases and new dealership opportunities.

Shaver Specialty Services & Sales INC is an authorized dealer for several manufacturers. We personally use these products around the house, and in business. We do our best to educate our customers with tips, tricks and hints that we've figured out during our use. We offer live demos for anyone who wants to come see them live in action. We do our best to be open and honest about our products and in our reviews. We want you to know the pros and cons, be comfortable and make the best decision you can while purchasing a product. We have a YouTube channel that is packed videos, several have over 10,000 views. One just hit over 20,000 views! Search for “Shaver Sales INC, Chanel” on Youtube and you’ll find our green and white logo. We also have a Facebook page for new product rollouts, videos, and specials.


AJ Shaver
Shaver Specialty Services & Sales INC


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