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As the innovator in the all-in-one skid steer loader firewood processing attachment industry, Halverson leads the way in simple, rugged and cost effective machinery to save time and money processing wood...



Halverson HWP-140B
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Perfect for light commercial and residential use, this workhorse can make your life easy

All functions are performed from the seat of the skid-steer loader so only one man and one machine is required to do the job that normally takes 2 to 3 people and a couple of pieces of equipment.

Logs are picked up with the processor’s forks, rolled onto the in-feed trough, and moved up to a butt plate roller. Once in position, a high-speed chainsaw activates.

When the block is cut, it falls into the splitting trough. The advancement arm moves the log into the next cutting position while simultaneously ramming the cut piece into the splitter. The processor can cut wood into lengths up to 22 in. and can split the wood into 4 or 6 pieces, depending on the choice of splitting heads.

Halverson HWP-120

Halverson HWP-120 ($8,900)

Introducing the ALL New HWP-120 wood processing attachment produced here in the USA by Halverson Wood Products, INC in Pine Ridge, MN and offered at the low price
of $8,900.

Lift - Position - Cut - Split

Specifically designed with the homestead/farmstead or firewood startup in mind. Averaging 1.0 to 1.5 full cords per hour. Tried and tested with 100+ full cords cut and split across all the prototype models and still going strong!

Key Features:
⁃ Low Cost - $8,900
⁃ Made in America
⁃ Standard Flow Hydraulics (15gpm @ 2,850psi minimum required with a case drain)
⁃ 975 lbs (small machine friendly i.e. Kubota tractors, mini excavators and smaller frame skid steers)
⁃ Hydraulic hoses, flat faced quick couplers, and yellow hose wrap included
⁃ Plug & Play ready, optional in-cab wire harness with controls*
⁃ Fixed 4-way Splitter Head, optional 4-way Adjustable 4-way Splitter Head*
⁃ Oregon Harvester Bar and Chain, more accessible and easier to adjust, optional Carbide tipped saw chain*
⁃ Half gallon automatic oiler
⁃ Factory direct shipping or local pickup available here at our shop in Northeast Pennsylvania 

Contact us today for more information or to schedule a live product demonstration at our shop.



Carbide Tipped Saw Chain
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Carbide Chain beats Standard Steel Chain hands down! The cost vs the time and number of times swapping out chain and sharpening equals a significant savings for the Pro.


Wiring Harness w/in-Cab Controls
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This in-cab wiring harness allows the new plug and play system to be used on any machine. This harness is only needed if your machine doesn’t have the deluxe work tool in-cab controls with a 14 pin round plug.


Single Hand Joystick
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New joystick offers convenient single hand processor operation, and is ideal for operators on loaders or tractors. Simple to use controls, very similar feel to an in-hand snow plow controller.


6-Way Adjustable Head System
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Perfect for splitting firewood for indoor wood stoves or for retail firewood sales. The 6-way adjustable head has 5 different height settings, so you can center the head for an even split.



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