Shaver Specialty Services & Sales INC is an authorized dealer for several manufacturers. We personally use these products around the house, and in business. We do our best to educate our customers with tips, tricks, and hints that we've figured out during our use. We offer live demos for anyone who wants to come see them live in action. We do our best to be open and honest about our products and in our reviews. We want you to know the pros and cons, be comfortable, and make the best decision you can while purchasing a product.

At Shaver Specialty Services & Sales INC, we are an authorized dealer for AM Machinery, Black Splitter, Brute Force USA, Halverson Wood Products, and NNZ. So in terms of quality and dependability, we offer not only the latest, but greatest equipment. Whether you are searching for that right piece of Firewood Equipment, like a splitter, processor, or conveyor, or you need that specific trailer to accomplish your project, Shaver Specialty Services & Sales INC has you covered. Check out some of the latest equipment available.


Shaver Sales INC can meet all your Firewood Equipment needs by offering a variety of splitters, processors, conveyors, and accessories.





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