Black Splitter S2X 800

Product Information

Black Splitter S2X 800

The Black Splitter S2X 800 is designed to fit all models of excavators up to 31,000+/-lb. The unique rotating threaded cone provides extremely efficient wood-splitting power for various timber types including hard, soft, straight, twisted, stumps, and roots. The two-piece chromium-steel cone with a replaceable tip has a double helical thread design with a thread pitch of 24 mm for rapid penetration into the hardest of timber. The cone can also be used to maneuver and position individual logs before and after splitting.


Chromium-steel; 245 mm diameter; double helical thread; 24 mm thread pitch; 2 pieces

Hydraulic Motor

Optional with max. torque 1724 ft-lb, 1825 fl-lb, 2965 ft-lb

Motor Shaft

90 to 100 mm diameter; bearing-mounted and sealed