The Commercial Series 16-24 Firewood Processors is big enough for a firewood business but economical enough for homeowners.

Brute Force Commercial Series 16-24 Firewood Processors

First up in the commercial line is the 16-24 Firewood Processor. This is the BIGGEST little machine on the market. This machine is big enough for a firewood business but economical enough for homeowners. With its standard 38 HP Kohler EFI big block gas engine, it’s one of the most powerful processors in its class. The 16-24 is capable of producing from 1 to 2.5 cords per hour and will process up to 18″ diameter logs”. The 16-24 comes standard with a 3-strand live deck that converts into a log lift and is easily hydraulically lowered and raised. The integrated 12′ hydraulic operated chain conveyor, allows you to easily load firewood into a trailer or truck box. The hydraulic saw, clamp, live deck, and log in feed conveyor are all joystick controls for easy use. The 16-24 comes standard with a hydraulically operated 4-way wedge, electric bar oiler and hydraulic oil cooler. Also standard is the last log measuring grid, integrated tail lights and round log trough for better handling of crooked logs. All Brute Force firewood processors are built to withstand the rigors of daily firewood production.

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  • Hydraulic Pump: 33 GAL/MIN Double Pump
  • Prince Hydraulic Relief Valve
  • Splitting Cylinder Length: 24″
  • Splitting Cylinder Diameter: 4″
  • 20 Ton Splitting Force
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Cap: 30 Gal
  • Bar Oil Cap: 2+ Gal.
  • Fuel cap: 12 Gal. Non-Ethanol Gas


Length: 18’ 6”
Width:  6’
Height:  11’ 6”
Weight:  4,000 LBS
Log Deck Height:  48”


  • 16″ (18″ Max) Diameter Cut
  • Round Log Trough
  • 2-Strand Deck Converts to Log Lift
  • 4 Way Hydraulically Adjustable Splitting Head
  • Hydraulic Log Clamp and Saw
  • Sawdust Shoot
  • Automatic Chain Oiler
  • Fenders and Taillights
  • 12’ Hydraulic Conveyor
  • Saw Bar: 54 cm
  • Saw Chain .404 69 Driver
  • 2″ Receiver Hitch
  • Torsion Axles with Brakes
  • Durable Phenolic wear slides
  • 3 year Warranty
  • Wedge Mount
  • Oil Cooler


  • 6-Way wedge
  • 8-Way Wedge
  • 14′ Conveyor
  • Operator Seat
  • Log Dogs
  • 4′ Extended Frame
  • Small Grizzly Wood Cleaner
  • Custom Colors
  • Umbrella
  • Work Lights