The Brute Force 24-30 HD “Big Wood” is a high production firewood processor

Brute Force Commercial Series 24-30 Diesel Firewood Processors

The Brute Force 24-30 HD “Big Wood” is a high production firewood processor, built to handle big logs, up to 30″ diameter. The 24-30 comes standard with a 56 HP Kohler Tier 4 turbo diesel engine and 82 gpm triple hydraulic pump. This makes it a great choice for the firewood producer who cuts big, gnarly wood. Splitting from 1.5 to 5 cords per hour, this machine is designed for the commercial firewood producer. The 24-30 comes standard with a 2-stage splitter, 4 strand hydraulic live deck that is easily raised and lowered hydraulically with a lever on the operator control panel. The integrated 18′, hydraulic operated chain conveyor, swings 3′ left and right and allows you to easily load firewood into a trailer or truck box, even with high sides. The hydraulic saw, clamp, live deck, and log in feed conveyor are joystick controlled for easy use. All 24-30 come with the following equipment standard with 4 way, hydraulically adjustable wedge which can be raised and lowered at the push of a lever. tandem 7,000 lb. torsion suspension with electric brakes, last log support and measuring grid, integrated tail lights and round log trough for better handling of crooked logs.

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  • Hydraulic Pump: 70 GAL/MIN Double Pump
  • Prince Hydraulic Relief Valve
  • Splitting Cylinder Length: 24″
  • Splitting Cylinder Diameter: 4.5″
  • 25 Ton Splitting Force
  • Hydraulic Reservoir Cap: 40 Gal
  • Bar oil cap: 2+ gal.
  • Fuel cap: 20 Gal. UISD Sulfur diesel


Length:  28’
Width:  7’ 6”
Height:  12’ 6”
Weight:  11,800 LBS
Log Deck Height:  48”


  • 25″ (30″ Max) Diameter Cut
  • Round Log Trough
  • 4- Strand deck
  • 4-Way Hydraulically Adjustable Splitting Head
  • Hydraulic Log Clamp and Saw
  • Automatic chain oiler and tensioner
  • Fenders and Taillights
  • 18’ Swiveling Hydraulic Conveyor
  • Saw Bar: 149 cm
  • Saw Chain .404 108 Driver
  • 2 5/16-” Receiver Hitch
  • Tandem Axles with Brakes
  • Durable Phenolic Wear Slides
  • Sawdust Shoot and Wedge Mount
  • Oil Cooler
  • Positive Stop
  • Fast Split
  • Operator Seat
  • 2 Stage Splitter
  • 3 Year Warranty


  • 6-Way wedge
  • 8-Way Wedge
  • 12/14- Way Wedge
  • 16′ Conveyor
  • Enclosed Cab
  • 10′ Extended Frame
  • Large Grizzly Wood Cleaner
  • Custom Colors
  • Umbrella
  • Work Lights
  • Pintle Hitch
  • Auto Cycle