The Halverson Grapple Saw truly makes the job of processing firewood hassle-free

Halverson Grapple Saw Heavy Duty

The long awaited Grapple Saw. Perfect for those that have outdoor boilers that do not split their wood. It is also useful for those that have large diameter logs that are too large to fit on our normal processor. The Grapple Saw also works great storm cleaning up where trees have been blown over, allowing the grapple saw and skid steer to do all the work! The Grapple Saw and Firewood Processors of Halverson Wood Products in Pine River, MN truly make the job of processing firewood, hassle-free. Read on to learn more about our firewood processing equipment!

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  • Designed to cut large logs, or multiple small logs at the same time.
  • Ideal for cleaning up blown over trees!
  • One-man operation, with simple controls
  • Operate the machine from the safety and comfort of the cab on your Skid Steer, Mini Excavator and even Tractor
  • Mobile – take it to the wood, and use it to move the logs after cutting.
  • Easy to set up and easy to store. Quick attach/ detach.
  • Process wood right into your truck or trailer


Weight:  770 LBS
Dimensions:  48″ × 48″ × 42″


Logs are picked up with the Grapple. Once they are in the correct length position, the operator engages the chain swathe, log is cut. Then, the logs are put down, the skid steer moves over, and picks them up again, and the log(s) are cut again. For longer wood that fits most boilers, the logs only have to be cut twice.