This monster of a portable sawmill can bite through 35'' log diameter

Vallee Forestry Equipment Green Monster 20HP

This monster of a portable sawmill can bite through 35” log diameter, saw through  21′ long, and make the head turns. Here are some benefits and features of the product:

  • The most powerful portable sawmill
  • Includes a 20 HP Honda GX630 motor
  • 3-year warranty
  • The Green Monster can saw 2 logs at the same time, a unique feature in the industry
  • User-friendly One-Step-Go feature exclusive on every Vallee’s sawmills
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  • 20 HP Honda GX630 Premium
  • Electric start with 18 amps/200Watts
  • Gasoline, air cooled, 4 stroke, one cylinder, OHC
  • 3 years Warranty by Honda



  • Maximum diameter of log 32 inches
  • Maximum boards width 23 inches
  • Blade of 171 x 1 1/2 APEX RF, 3 Blades are included
  • Hydraulic blade tensioner for maximal precision
  • Single, One piece solid front panel, for easy access blade maintenance
  • Electric Saw Head positioning and auto-lock electric winch of 4000 lbs mounted on a drum shaft with double cables of aeronautical quality​​
  • High grade triple bearing blade-guide, Zinc design and adapted for heavy usage, with 20 inch wheels
  • Large 7 gallons (26 liters) removable lubrification tank
  • High-Duty frame Construction, completely made of 2’’X2’’ solid welds
  • Large colored graduated ruler, details from ¾ up to 4 Inches,
  • 7/8 inch last board cut capability




  • Auto-blade lube system automatically turns on and off fluid flow during operation
  • Automatic Blade-Brake system , maximize speed and the lifespan of your blades
  • Automatic engine throttle and saw Blade engagement.



  • 21 feet maximum board length, onto a 24 foot bed
  • Extra solid steel Tubing frame 2X6 3/16, completely welded with crosspieces, no joints
  • 8 conveyor rollers of 12 inches mounted on bearing coated with zinc plating
  • 4 Dog-Log, simple one hand cam-lock design
  • 4 integrated Toe Board, Allow to compensate the taper of a log without effort
  • 5 adjustable levelling stands for solid support



  • Four foot extra length of cut capability
  • The lengths of all additional tubing in extra solid steel 2X6 3/16, crosspieces and accessories required



  • 4 adjustable jacks for maximum stability
  • 3000 lb suspension axels with aluminium wheels, radial ST 175/80R12 tyres and oversized fenders
  • Drawbar with 2 inches trailer tongue, and 3500 lb security chain
  • All integrated turn signals
  • Illuminated license support
  • Certified D.O.T. reflective stickers