Log Lift 1/3 cord bulk bag
Log Lift 1/3 cord bulk bag




STOP stacking firewood today! Your time is too valuable to be spent handling and re-handling firewood. Split it, Bag it, and DONE!!! Priced way cheaper than those expensive IBC totes, plus they don’t take up precious space around the wood lot when they’re empty. The “Log Lift” bags season the firewood SUPER FAST because of the massive amounts of air flow thru the bag. We have even seasoned Red Oak in 6 months. Yep, even moisture checked the INSIDE split for high teens in just 6 months, October to March! Even have the video on YouTube to prove it. So get away from the old moldy bulk piles and start using our “Log Lift” bags.

Log Lift” 1/3 cord bulk firewood bags:

  • Heavy duty Mosquito netting on the “front” & “back” and Nylon woven “sides” & “bottom” with vent strips stitched in for MAXIMUM air flow.
  • UV resistant materials. Our bags spend their whole life uncovered and in as much sun as possible and still hold up very well.
  • Standard with (4) loops on top for lifting
  • Extra (2) loops on one side on the bottom for tipping to unload
  • Personally verified the quantity by stacking out a 1/3 of a cord (16in x 48in x 96in) plus a little extra just to be on the safe side.
  • Hand tossed the entire sample stacked row into the bag! I was skeptical at the halfway point whether it was all going to fit. However, just as advertised the 1/3 cord fit into the bag

Online shopping options

Sample Order:

  • (12) Log Lift bags for $204.00
  • FedEx shipping for $45 (lower 48 states only)
  • Credit Card Fee $7.47
  • Grand Total of $256.47 / ($21.37/BAG)


16 Cord Order:

  • (48) Log Lift Bags for $792.00
  • LTL Pallet shipping $180.00 (lower 48 states only)
  • Credit Card Fee $29.16
  • Grand Total of $1001.16 ($20.86/BAG)


40 Cord Order:

  • (120) Log Lift Bags for $1,920.00
  • LTL Pallet shipping $450 (lower 48 states only)
  • Credit Card Fee $71.10
  • Grand Total of $2,441.10 ($20.34/BAG)


Full Pallet Order:

  • (260) Log Lift Bags for $4,030.00
  • FREE Shipping (lower 48 states only)
  • Credit Card Fee $120.90
  • Grand Total of $4,150.90 ($15.97/BAG)
    *call 570-690-4051 to avoid the credit card fee & pay as an ACH


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