SplitForce Vertical Splitters

SplitForce is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacturing of vertical wood splitters. All products are designed, manufactured and assembled in one place, which allows for quality control that exceeds most standards. By offering a range of robust, efficient products with unmatched speed of execution, the SplitForce Log Splitters will meet your production needs!

The Splitforce Advantage

When splitting conventionally on a a horizontal splitter, the wood is pushed away from the operator causing more and more re-handling to bring the large pieces back to the splitting chamber to be processed again and again until the desired split size is achieved. Vertical splitters keep the wood in front of the operator as they quickly create custom splits with ease. All (4) available units can be upgraded with log lift to move the rounds up to the splitter’s 30 inch table height and double as additional work space when in the raised position.


Every tool has a purpose and an efficient way to use it. Horizontal splitters are a great tool to knocking out everyday bulk firewood.

Brute Force USA “Semi Pro”

Brute Force USA “Semi Pro”

Splitter punches out rounds thru a 4-way in under 6 seconds, but some resplits are necessary to work down the bigger chunks

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Brute Force USA “20-24 AC/FS”

Brute Force USA “20-24 AC/FS”

Completely crushes production with the optional 12-way wedge installed producing (12) split pieces every 10 seconds! Now that’s moving some firewood!!!

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All that being said, bulk firewood production is a tough thing to beat, but when you need custom splits for BBQ Smoker wood, Pizza Oven pieces or Kindling for Bags or Bundles this is where the Vertical Splitters really shine. Why? The built in optional log lift brings the rounds from ground level up to the 30” table height so you can work standing upright and not be all hunched over. Once the log lift is in the elevated position the log lift doubles as an additional work space. Vertical splitters offer a foot pedal for the splitter’s operation and has an automatic splitter cylinder return. This frees up your hands to hold the sides of each piece and manipulate it to specifically target that next split.


Secondly, the vertical splitter is coming down thru the wood directly in front of you, not pushing it away from you. This way you can easily see the face of round and aim the 2-way wedge exactly where you need it to split the perfect sized piece every time. No more reaching, stretching or re-handling big chunks off the splitter’s sorting tray or back up off the ground.


Thirdly, the SF-11/16 & SF-13/20 come standard with a hydraulically driven single drag chain conveyor. Yep, load directly into your truck or trailer, one of our “Log Lift” 1/3 cord firewood bags, or just make a giant pile. The SF-11/16 with its 16 foot conveyor has a discharge height of 10 feet and the SF-13/20 has a 20 foot conveyor that offers a 12 foot discharge height. Both units come standard with a speed control valve so you can have the conveyor work in sync with your production speeds.


Lastly, the SF-9tr, the SF-11/16 and the SF-13/20 are self propelled! All three have an operator’s platform to stand on, easy to use control valves, positive traction drive axle, and have a hydraulically steered front axle. You can drive unit from its storage area out to the wood yard, or conveniently drive it from wood pile to wood pile. If that is overkill for your application, the SF-9 is a trailer type unit with a 2 inch ball style hitch that can be towed by an ATV, SBS, tractor or other wood yard equipment at lower off-road speeds, but can be upgraded to highway tires and towed at a maximum safe speed of 45 MPH.

Are the SplitForce vertical splitters perfect for ALL applications? No. Will they make your life easier, especially when producing custom split firewood? Absolutely they will!

Please contact us today! Toll free 833-SPLITT’R (833-775-4887) or send us an email to [email protected]